Higher Education

Higher Education

Personal, partner-level attention. A consistent team working with you year after year. And the advantages only a firm big enough to tackle your most complex challenges yet nimble enough to respond quickly to your changing needs can provide.

With Bollus Lynch, LLP, you get much more than just tax, assurance, and consulting services—you get strategic and timely business solutions. It’s a crucial distinction, especially at a time when heightened budgetary pressures and the disruptive impacts of globalization and new technology make managing a college or university increasingly complex.

Bollus Lynch, LLP is a leader in conducting audits in accordance with the Uniform Guidance. When an audit is necessary, we go beyond simply complying with a requirement. We treat it as an opportunity to view your organization globally, putting our experience and acumen to work to understand your institution and the keys to your success.

Who We Serve

Private and Public Colleges and Universities

Bookstores, Auxiliaries, and Other Supporting Organizations

College Athletics

College and University Foundations

For-Profit Institutions and Ventures

Specialized Tax Services

From compliance challenges to complex planning opportunities, we have a keen understanding of your needs and the strategies available to help meet them.

Alternative Investment Issues

Fellowship or Scholarship Versus Compensation Tax Treatment for Services Rendered

For-Profit Organization Formation and Operation

Formation of New Entities, Including Preparation of Form 1023 and Associated State Filings

Independent Contractor Versus Employee Determinations

Joint Venture Formation and Operation Consulting

Preparation of Form 990, 990-T, and Relevant State Forms

Tax-Exempt Bond Consultation, Including Private Business Use and Post-Issuance Bond Compliance Procedures

Technology Transfer and Associated Royalty Arrangements

Unrelated Business Taxable Income, Including Bookstores, Sponsorships, and Exclusivity Agreements